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5 Thrifty Father's Day Gifts for $25 and Under

June 14, 2018

Dad deserves an island, but right now your budget can only afford a tropical-themed postcard.

Don’t sweat it! At the end of the day, Pops will surely cherish the thought more so than the actual item itself. After all, let’s not forget the spray-painted macaroni necklace you made him in kindergarten that he worshipped. Crafty and frugal!

Here are five penny-pinching present ideas that won’t break the bank this year.

1. Toadfish Outfitters Put ‘Em Back Cut-Proof Shucking Cloth ($18.00)
Available at Archipelago

2. Great American Grilling Cookbook ($21.95)
Available at Fish On a Dish

3. Costa Del Mar Coozie, $5.00, and Costa Del Mar Keepers ($7.99)
Available at Shades

4. Mirabeau Man-Cave Socks ($12.99)
Available at Bungalows

5. Dad Time by Max Lucado ($16.99)
Available at The Southern Grind


5 Thrifty Father's Day Gifts for $25 and Under

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