Memorial Weekend Recap

Whew, what a weekend ya’ll! We hope that you celebrated Memorial Day to the fullest with friends and loved ones; we sure had a BALL. Actually, over 5,000 beach balls to be exact!

If you missed out on all the action that took place here, don’t fret. We’ve got plenty of visual evidence to prove just how rollicking it really was!

From Friday night’s massive Pepsi Beach Ball Drop that launched our 100 Days of Summer, to Saturday’s foot-stompin’ concert with The Charlie Daniels Band and Alabama, to the weekend’s culmination on Sunday, marked with a belly full of crawfish and the mesmeric sounds of Drake White, you can now live vicariously through these pictures. Scroll through and re-experience the fun with us!

(Pro-tip: Don’t stand on the sidelines next year. Make sure you are front row for the festivities in 2018!)

*Click each to view full size image
  • Pepsi bottle inflatable
  • Young boy in face paint holding a blue balloon
  • Beach ball properties giveaway tent
  • Crowd of people in a walkway surrounded by beach ball decorations
  • Two children holding giant Pepsi beach balls
  • Crowd of people with Pepsi bottle inflatable and beach ball decorations in the background
  • The Wharf employee and Local channel fifteen news anchor
  • Close up of the Wharf Ferris wheel
  • People holding copious amounts of beach balls
  • Two band members on stage
  • The Wharf banner and bouncy castle in the background
  • Various Pepsi beach balls in a net
  • Young boy with face paint smiling holding Pepsi cup
  • Pepsi car in front of Pepsi tents and Pepsi bottle inflatable
  • Palm trees decorated in white and blue lights with Ferris wheel in the background
  • Crowd of people beneath Pepsi beach ball decorations with Pepsi bottle inflatable and bouncy castle in the background
  • Guitarist on stage
  • Two band mates on stage
  • Beach balls descending on the crowd
  • Local channel fifteen news anchor reporting on the event
  • Crowd watching lead artist on stage point out to the crowd
  • Two brothers in blue face paint masks
  • Crowded walkway lined by palm trees decorated in lights
  • Beach balls descending on crowd
  • Crowd surrounding two sword fish statues under beach ball decorations
  • Young girl standing successfully on surfing simulator
  • Cliff Climb and Slide inflatable
  • Pepsi beach balls being held by nets with Pepsi bottle inflatable
  • Pepsi-Cola truck carrying beach balls
  • Line of children waiting to get on the Cliff Climb and Slide
  • Girl mid-jump on bungee trampoline
  • Peps-Cola truck full of Pepsi beach balls surrounded by crowd
  • Girl with rainbow face paint
  • Girl mid-hump on bungee trampoline
  • Two silver swordfish statues surrounded by a crowd under Pepsi beach ball decorations
  • Mother and daughter riding camel
  • Children coloring in coloring station
  • Crowd receiving the falling Pepsi beach balls
  • Crowd holding onto Pepsi beach balls
  • Pepsi tents surrounded by crowd of Pepsi beach ball holders
  • Young boy in skeleton face paint holding a Pepsi beach ball
  • Four children holding Pepsi beach balls surrounded by beach balls
  • Pepsi tent surrounded by crowd holding Pepsi beach balls
  • Line of children waiting to enter bouncy castle
  • Pepsi beach balls falling onto crowd
  • Woman holding onto three deflating Pepsi beach balls and a Pepsi ice cooler
  • Pepsi beach balls descending onto crowd
  • Crowd walking around Pepsi bottle inflatable under Pepsi beach ball decorations

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