2018 C Spire Concert Series First Half Recap

We made it to the halfway mark of our 2018 C Spire Concert Series at The Wharf Amphitheater!

We’ve had country crooners, legendary rockers, and even a blast from the 90’s past gracing the stage over the past few months. And we aren’t done yet – not even close. Check out the remaining concert season schedule and get your tickets while you can.

Want to relive this year’s highlights or take a gander at the shows you might’ve missed? We’ve rounded up a photographic recap from Styx & REO Speedwagon, Chris Young, I Love The 90’s Tour, Alan Jackson, and Jason Aldean. Check out our full photo gallery and then come make some new memories soon!

*Click each to view full size image
  • 2 girls 2 guys drinking in the day on the pier of the wharf.
  • Chris Young in a gray shirt with his electric guitar playing.
  • Chris Young in a black leather jacket singing.
  • Chris Young grabbing the mic and singing.
  • Chris Young with a projection of candles behind him singing.
  • Chris Young's guitar player.
  • Chris Young with his acoustic guitar.
  • Close up of Chris Young with his acoustic.
  • Chris Young band members.
  • Chris Young band from a distance.
  • Chris Young singing with his acoustic.
  • Chris Young singing as his guitar player looks at him.
  • Chris Young audience with lights all around them.
  • Styx singer singing.
  • Don Felder singing
  • Don Felder from the back playing guitar.
  • Styx keyboard player playing in front of a green cast.
  • Tommy Shaw of Styx singing.
  • Stix guitar player playing with his back to the crowd.
  • Styx bass player.
  • Styx entire band.
  • REO Speedwagon lead singer playing and singing.
  • REO Speedwagon guitar player close up.
  • Kid N Play
  • Kid 'N Play arm stretched out with back up dancers.
  • Two performers one pointing to the crowd.
  • Performer in front of Kid 'N Play logo.
  • Tone Loc mid song.
  • Close up from crowd pov of Kid 'N Play with arm stretched out.
  • Salt-N-Pepa singing passionately.
  • DJ in front of Spinderella graphic in the background.
  • Coolio living a gangster's paradise.
  • Salt-N-Pepa with a child on stage and other fans.
  • Coolio rapping
  • Salt-N-Pepa performing with two male backup dancers.
  • Acoustic guitar player with joyous smile.
  • Alan Jackson smiling holding acoustic guitar.
  • Crowded amphitheater watching concert.
  • Backstage view of empty Amphitheater.
  • Alan Jackson with arms stretched out.
  • Fan recording Alan Jackson concert on phone.
  • 2 women and 3 men smiling in front of concert crowd.
  • Singer jumping high with telemarketer in the background and fellow band members.
  • Lauren Alaina smiling with joy in David Bowie shirt.
  • Lauren Alaina singing passionately with band members.
  • Singer leaning toward crowd that are reaching out to him.
  • Luke Combs singer walking and drummer staring at drum sticks.
  • Luke Combs performing for crowd.
  • Acoustic guitarist leaning toward electric guitarist.
  • Lauren Alaina and band members performing with sass.

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