2018 C Spire Concert Series Second Half Recap

 We have reached the conclusion to our 2018 C Spire Concert Series at The Wharf Amphitheater—and what a season it was! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane for the second half of the concert season with photos from Dave Matthews Band, Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town, Imagine Dragons, Keith Urban, and NEEDTOBREATHE.

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  • Concert crowd at night.
  • Dave Matthews smiling like a fish
  • Black and white Alabama playing guitar
  • Dave Matthews concert crowd at night from the distance.
  • Dave Matthews from a distance.
  • Dave Matthews with acoustic guitar smiling.
  • Dave Matthews black and white with acoustic guitar.
  • Dave Matthews drummer drumming.
  • Little Big Town playing from a distance.
  • Miranda Lambert singing on stage next to her guitar player.
  • Little Big Town entire band from a distance on stage close together.
  • Miranda Lambert singing on stage with a screen of a Van above her as a backdrop.
  • The Turnpike Troubadours playing next to each other.
  • Tenille Townes and her acoustic guitar on stage.
  • Miranda Lambert singing while walking by her guitar player with her left arm raised high.
  • Lead singer of Turnpike Troubadours playing.
  • Fiddle player fiddlin.
  • Tenille Townes singing.
  • Singer in a head wreath of pink flowers.
  • Singer in head wreath from a distance.
  • Shirtless man in black boots jumps.
  • Hippy fans.
  • Fans reaching toward stage.
  • Bearded drummer drumming
  • Singer being serious
  • Black and white serious singing
  • Smoke and balloons on the stage at night.
  • Red smoke coming off of the stage from a distance at night.
  • Shirtless man in black boots playing piano.
  • Grace Vanderwaal singing.
  • At night, looking sideways at a distance from the stage, with the moon shining between the clouds.
  • Keith Urban and his telecaster.
  • Keith Urban and his band.
  • Keith Urban playing his telecaster next to an amp.
  • Keith Urban standing on a riser in front of a black and white laser show with his guitar.
  • Silhouette of Keith Urban on stage.

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