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Catch Some Air (and Education) with the Living History Flight Experience

Catch Some Air (and Education) with the Living History Flight Experience

Catch Some Air (and Education) with the Living History Flight Experience

If your kids love big machines and big adventures, we’ve got a big announcement for you.

One day only, this Saturday, August 4th, The Wharf will play host to the Living History Flight Experience, courtesy of the Friends of Army Aviation in Ozark, AL!

From 9am to 5pm, trained Army veterans will be providing educational rides on their UH-1H legacy Huey helicopter—the same kind used for decades in the U.S. Army. This is the kind of hands-on (and seatbelts-on) learning that they don’t teach your kids in school, folks.

Want to know a bit more before lift-off? We spoke with John “Doc” Holladay, President of Friend of Army Aviation – Ozark, and he debriefed us on their upcoming mission here at The Wharf. Get the rundown and then get out here and catch some air!

How long has your group been doing the Living History Flight Experience?

Just under a year. The Friends of Army Aviation (FAA) granted our Living History Flight Experience (LHFE) exemption October 24, 2017.

Where all have you done Living History Flight Experience events recently?

We have done events in Mississippi (Tupelo), Georgia (Dawson), Kentucky (Bowling Green), and several cities in Alabama and Florida.

Where did your team learn to fly these historical aircrafts?

Most of our pilots are retired veterans who flew in a branch of the military. We conduct regular ground and flight training for our pilots annually as required by the FAA exemption.

What type of aircraft will be available to ride at The Wharf on August 4?

We will be bringing our UH-1H legacy Huey helicopter.

Is there an educational component to the flight experience?

Our mission is to allow the American public the opportunity to participate an aerial flight on our UH-1H legacy helicopter. Also a part of our mission is to ensure that our veterans and their families be given the opportunity to experience a part of history that transpired over 50 years ago. The educational experience will last a lifetime.

Are children of all ages able to ride on these aircrafts?

16 and under must have a parent/guardian fly with them. However, depending on the size and maturity of minor, the LZ Manager will determine if they may fly alone with the parent/guardian permission. As long as a child can be securely secured in a seat belt, they can fly. Smaller children will have to sit in designated seats with their parent/guardian.

Where will passengers be flown during the flight experience?

The designated flight path will be in and around the local area of the Wharf complex. We will not fly directly over residential or large populated areas.

How many people can ride at one time?

The aircraft can carry 10 passengers at a time.

How long does one flight experience last?

The ride will last 10 minutes.

How much does a ride cost?

Each ride is $50 per person.

What’s it like being up in the air in a historical aircraft?

It is the ride of a lifetime! We fly with the doors open at 1,000 feet and the passengers can see countryside they have never seen before, and they’ll experience what our military men and women donate their life to do for our nation every day. For our veterans who have not flown since Vietnam, it helps bring closure and peace to them and to their families.

For more information on the Living History Flight Experience, click here!

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