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Fallifying Your Home

Fallifying Your Home

If you love fall as much as we do, you’ll want to embrace the season—especially in your home! We asked Karen Curry of Sea La Vie Designs to cook up a few pointers for fall-ifying your home, and she did not disappoint. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party, watching football with the crew, or just itching for some seasonal décor, look no further.

I really love fall. I love, love, love it! Growing up north of the Mason-Dixon Line, fall meant cooler weather, the beautiful changes in color, hot chocolate, decorating with leaves and pumpkins, rusts and golds…and maybe the best part, football.

Ushering in fall at the beach feels different to me. The crispness in the air happens later and our beautiful palm trees do not change their fronds. But make no mistake—football is definitely here and it is fall in our beautiful beach town.

Soooo…how do we “fall-ify” our homes at Sea La Vie Designs when it still feels a bit like summer and the rusty golds and yellows clash with our serene palette of cool ocean blues? How do we keep it coastal yet get that cozy fall feel?

I would like to show you how to add a few fall touches even when the weather hasn’t changed that much. If it sounds like a lot of work, it isn’t.

Growing up, ushering in the fall with “seasonal décor” meant a haul of leaves and pumpkins from Michael’s or Party City, but that is not what I am talking about. Let’s do fall at the beach, y’all.

Add a pillow or comfy blanket

Play around with different colors and textures! Think patterns and warm neutrals and even deep oranges and reds but with a coastal twist.

I’m not usually one for a ton of color, but I love rotating a pop of it in with a throw or a pillow! Metallics (gold, of course) are also big for fall. Try incorporating it with a gold accent piece, tray, or lamp.

Change out your fireplace mantle

Try painting your pumpkins and eucalyptus, adding some warm driftwood and starfish, or spice it up by adding a metallic piece. Bring the outdoors inside.

Add fall plants at your doorstep

Your home will immediately feel like fall with a pretty mum or cabbage plant added to the planter. Get creative! Throw in a mini pumpkin or a knobby squash or two.

We really like planting the succulents in the pumpkins. If that’s too much work, try getting a faux pumpkin at your local craft store and maybe add a paint color and throw in some potting soil.

Make the “center of attention” the centerpiece on your fall table

Bringing in the outdoors is key for any season, but especially when the weather starts to change.

Reason being, when everything else is dying around you, it’s nice to have a little green plant in your cozy space that gives you a taste of better weather. Rustic elements, like wood, are also perfect for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Switch up your scent

Scent is hands down the easiest way to make your home feel like fall. If you don’t have enough time to do the others on this list, by all means—this tip is a gem.

There are so many amazing candles out there, whether you like something more subtle or a little bold. Try our Park Hill Bundled Evergreen or Caramel Apple.

Sea La Vie Designs at The Wharf has many of these items or similar décor pieces. We love fall, y’all! Stop by and let one of our designers help you “fall-ify” your coastal home.

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