June Tenant of the Month - Seaside Shoes & SWIM

June 7, 2017

June Tenant of the Month: Kelli McKee of Seaside Shoes and Swim

Every other month, we’re spotlighting one of our tenants here at The Wharf. This month is Kelli McKee, owner of Seaside Shoes and Swim. Step into her boutique to learn more!

Where were you born and raised?
Houston, Mississippi.

How long has your business been at The Wharf?
Seven years this past March.

What sort of goods or services do you provide?
We offer fun, fashion, shoes for women and children, hand-made jewelry from Southern artists, beach hats and bags, pick-up toys and gifts for kids or your neighbor who is dog-sitting while you are at the beach, and much more. In February of 2016, we expanded the store to include a swimwear section for women and children.

What does a typical workday involve for you?
Hmmm…typical is typically not a word I would use for a day in retail. On Mondays, I do try to meet with my business partner, Lauren Beck, and our manager, Ashton Lipscomb, to review the status of current projects, lay out social media posts, discuss scheduling, and create a re-order list. Then the rest of the day is spent completing tasks created from the meeting, receiving inventory, restocking, answering emails, putting out fires, and most importantly…selling!

Who’s the most noteworthy person that’s shopped at your store?
Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson.

What do you love the most about living and working in Orange Beach?
The majority of our customers are on vacation, and so they are happy! The other customers live at the beach, so they are pretty happy too. It’s easy to help a happy customer find something they like.

What’s your favorite annual event at The Wharf?
Kid’s Win Fishing Tournament.

Other than your own store, what’s your favorite place to shop at The Wharf?
Breathe Athletic Wear.

When it’s playtime, what’s your favorite activity at The Wharf?
Getting a workout in at Moxie!

Do you have any pets?
Yes, two outdoor cats named Gatto and Popoki.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings?
Buy more shoes!

What’s something your customers might not know about your store?
Our first store, located in Foley, featured cardboard boxes as shoe shelves. We’ve come a long way!

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