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Let's Get Physical

July 20, 2017

Let’s Get Physical!
A Glance Into a Few of 2017’s Fiercest Fitness Trends Featured at The Wharf

Summer is in session, and what a season to appreciate that body of yours! Heck, it’s always the right time to put health and wellness first.

In the fitness world, this year has demonstrated that some past trends don’t die hard and are in fact here to thrive for a bit, while other movements are freshly emerging onto the scene.

Regardless if it’s the newest craze or a more familiar fad, The Wharf is becoming a mecca for the already AND aspiring active individual. Pull up a yoga mat and check out what we have to offer!

Specialized Group Classes

Cross Fit, Boot Camp, Zumba, Soul Cycle. You’ve all heard the names. For over a decade, group classes have remained popular because of the growing number of innovative programs created each year. Delivering a sense of fellowship and accountability, sweating with the masses seems to always be in vogue.

At MOXIE Lifestyle Fitness Studio, there are ample group training opportunities to dive into, including (but not limited to) MOXIE Barre, a mashup of Pilates and dance techniques; MOXIE Fusion, a cardio-centric class that challenges the whole body; MOXIE Row, a 45-minute, high-intensity experience that utilizes water rowers to target nine muscle groups; and MOXIE Yoga, a perfect equilibrium of muscle sculpting and mind balancing to begin or end any frenzied day.

Burning calories while connecting with others has never been more fashionable, or enjoyable!

Personal Training and Group Personal Training

Whether you prefer one-on-one instruction or small workout clusters, personal and group training has proved to continually satisfy much-desired needs over the years. The steam won’t be letting out of that effort anytime soon.

Evolve Fitness & Spa currently has several experienced, certified trainers that provide both private and collective coaching sessions. The hour-long lessons are tailored to the individual, including in-depth practices such as strength, interval, and cardio training. You can even receive education via email from the team at Evolve! In the day and age of “go, go, go,” online training is not only a blessing but another reason to cut out all those nasty excuses!

Clean/Whole Foods
In an effort to snuff out the dreaded “diet” mania, the clean eating evolution has instituted a lifestyle shift instead of the conventional quick fix. Clean or whole foods are minimally processed and nutrient-dense. Because of the rise in popularity and demand for wholesome fare, many restaurants around the country are hopping on board by adding more nutritious options to the menu.

If food is thy medicine, then Orange Beach Concierge serves as the pharmacist! Employing locally sourced, whole seasonal provisions, award-winning Chef David Pan is cooking up healthful delights for your convenience. His newest venture, The Pantry, is an online service provided for customers to sign up and order fresh meals for pick-up! Skip the fast food trap and opt for something just as accessible, only much more transparent, ingredient-wise. The Pantry is farm-to-table and sea-to-table, and guests can choose from gourmet selections like the Raw Kale Salad with rutabaga, carrots, crisp green apple, and homemade citrus soy dressing or the Local Seafood Coubion with Gulf fish or shrimp poached in a creole bouillon with fresh herbs. Everything is crafted with care and ready to be devoured!

Planning is key in being successful in almost every situation, especially in achieving and maintaining wellness goals. Evolve Fitness & Spa offers a weekly Meal Prep Service to keep you on the clean-eating track and help you get the results you desire.

For additional dietary support and schooling, you can schedule a meeting with MOXIE’s Registered Dietician and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Cory LeDoux. His objective is to assist others in attaining a better quality of life.


Gym attire is no longer confined to a strictly exercise environment! Celebs and models alike have been spotted wearing sports bras and track suits on runways and sidewalks. Athleisure—clothing designed to fit both physical and leisure activities—is more prevalent than ever.

Stylish yet functional, athleisure fashion can be found at almost any retailer on the market. Breathe at the Beach is one such boutique. The chic shop is lined with racks of on-trend clothing pieces suitable for a day spent running a 5K or spending $5K at the mall. Sought-after brands such as Hard Tail Forever, ALO Yoga, and Vimmia Activewear can all be purchased at Breathe and worn straight off the hanger to a spin or cooking class!

Keep in mind, this Friday, July 21st, is #nationaljunkfoodday, so be proactive! Go ahead and sign up for a workout session (or 3) and toss away that guilt after indulgence.

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Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical
Let's Get Physical

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