Navigating Your Business Through Calm or Rough Waters: Meet High Seas Design House

July 28, 2017

With a recent expansion to their office here at The Wharf, High Seas Design House has grown radically over the past five years.

Picture four gifted minds gathered around a dining room table in 2012, feverishly devising innovative ways to shake the local business scene. Now, flash-forward to the present. HSDH currently employs a staff of eight (and growing) diversely skilled visionaries who bring ideas to life daily, all in a nearly 6,000 square foot space.

High Seas conceives, develops, and executes everything under one roof without the need to contract labor out. Web design, ecommerce, digital advertising, photography, and graphic design are just a few of the numerous services offered to clientele. The agency also boasts a clothing and accessory line with the same name, High Seas Apparel, focused on the active waterman lifestyle. It’s safe to assume that creativity is never in short supply amidst their newly renovated walls.

Stay in front of your screens, press play and take a peek behind theirs!

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