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New Tenant Spotlight: POUR Smart Bar

March 4, 2020

New Tenant Spotlight: POUR Smart Bar

Finding new things to do can be hard in smaller cities like Gulf Shores and Orange Beach — but don’t worry, we have some very exciting news for you here at The Wharf.

POUR Smart Bar is a new, self-serve bar concept that’s opening this Friday, March 6th. Check out the Q+A below that we had with POUR’s Owner, Christian DeArco, where he filled us in on all that they have to offer.

What is the history behind POUR Smart Bar?
Just think about some best friends who met 20 years ago that wanted to open a self-pour bar in a great city — Orange Beach is that city!

What do you offer?
We have 39 different beer taps, cocktails, and free popcorn!

What can guests expect every time they come in?
Cleanliness, friendliness, and plenty of cold drinks!

What is your favorite thing that POUR Smart Bar offers?
I would have to say the beer wall is what pedestrians who have peeked inside are raving about. The technology alone is incredible. We are only the second Pour-My-Beer bar in Alabama.

Do you offer food, live music, games, or anything of the sort?
We will offer popcorn and pretzels at no charge to paying customers. We will also promise to host live music as often as we can. Another feature we offer guests is a FREE, brand-new shuffleboard table. They also have the option to pay to play our PowerPutt golf arcade game, electronic darts, or the TouchTunes jukebox.

Will there be a bartender, or do you pay a machine?
There will always be an employee onsite to demonstrate how to pour a beer properly for new customers. Otherwise, some guests end up wasting a lot of product and not getting what they’re paying for due to improper pouring techniques. The cocktail machines, although automated, will only be handled by employees. So yes, there will be a bartender at all times, but they just won’t be doing their normal duty of having to take orders, pour, and mix drinks.

When is your Grand Opening?
We are going to open any day now! But we’re saving our GRAND Opening for April. We’re looking forward to celebrating with the locals and our families. We want to use March to workout the kinks and get our workers trained up to ensure each of our guests have a great experience and want to come back for more pours! Check out our social channels for our official and Grand Opening dates!

Do you plan on having any weekly specials?
We charge by the ounce; therefore, every day is special! Due to some State regulations, we can’t really offer specials. But, again — though we don’t have happy “hours” — our prices are happy “years,” because they are always extremely low!

Needless to say, we can’t wait to check it out. And you shouldn’t either — see you … here!

New Tenant Spotlight: POUR Smart Bar

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