Are you looking for a beautiful new condo or home on our white sandy beaches? Our small, hometown vibe has the best solution for interior design for your new relaxation spot.

There are so many home design options out there to choose from, and if you include Pinterest + Instagram, the options become endless and can often be overwhelming. So we've teamed up with Kathleen Reynolds of Sea La Vie to help us get you the best tips on how to make your small space look bigger.

With more than 30 years' of experience in the field of interior design, Kathleen has a great eye for detail. She’s worked in many areas of the design world in both the commercial and residential markets. She even taught several classes at a junior college on design.

Sea La Vie is filled with coastal elegance and Southern charm. If you need assistance with making your new getaway special, going to Sea La Vie and seeing Kathleen is a must! In the meantime, here are some tips on how to make a small space look larger:

  1. Use light paint colors. A monochromatic color scheme (various shades of the same color) really makes a room look nice and open.
  2. Don’t overcrowd the room with furnishings. Three or four usable pieces is better than eight or ten crammed together. It’s also good to use small-scale furniture. Multipurpose furniture is great for small spaces so you will have a much less chance of crowding the room if your furniture can be used for multiple things. (A good example of this is a desk-dining table/console, daybed/trundle bed and a coffee table/game table).
  3. Stick to open arm and low arm chairs.
  4. Consider motion furniture. Furniture that can swivel from one area to another — recliners, drop leaf tables, and consoles.
  5. Make good lighting priority. Lamps to light up the corners of the room always help.
  6. Stick with one large rug — and make sure it's the right size for the space. Open, geometric designs on rugs will open the room up more than a solid color.
  7. Use reflective surfaces on tables or accessories such as clear or tinted glass and lamps. These extend the line of vision and do not block sight.
  8. Consider placing a mirror somewhere in the space to open up the room.
  9. Windows with open draperies, blinds or shutters make the room appear larger.
  10. Use higher backed and taller furnishings against walls.

Sea La Vie has a lot to offer from personal design services, unique coastal-inspired furniture, artwork and carpet to kitchen cabinets and custom window treatments. Let them make your vison a reality today. See you ... here!