Ashley Smith (left), VP/Wholesale Pharmacy at DocRx, Inc., and colleague pass out safety supplies at a concert at The Wharf Amphitheater.

Ashley Smith, VP/Wholesale Pharmacy at DocRx Inc., has partnered up with our staff to introduce safety + sounds. As you know around here, our visitors come first. Now, thanks to their awesome team, we’re proud to offer F R E E facial coverings and sanitizers for all patrons visiting The Wharf Amphitheater to enjoy a show.

DocRx is a licensed manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of healthcare products and services for hospitals, pharmacies and physicians headquartered in Mobile, Alabama.

We’re excited for what’s to come this concert season and are proud to do our part in spreading good vibes, not germs.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with my two favorite industries – medical and music,” said Smith. “Before my career in the medical industry, I had the opportunity to do some pretty unique jobs including being the Stand-In for Carrie Underwood on her Play On Tour. I had to learn every single Carrie song for that tour and all her blocking moves. I was pretty much Carrie when Carrie couldn’t be there to rehearse.

“With the pandemic at large again, I didn’t want to see these concerts stop. The artists, hardworking crew members, concert venues, etc., need these jobs and the show must go on! We wanted to do anything we could to help keep it alive and that is why my company, DocRx, will be at every concert to help ensure people feel protected.”

Smith has been with DocRx for over 10 years now. She was the CEO’s first employee and now they have almost 100 team members. How did they grow so fast? By being innovative and creative.

Last year, the company was able to supply their clinics, hospitals and pharmacies with PPE. After making sure they had everything they needed, they were able to start partnering with other industries, including businesses like professional sports teams and The Wharf Amphitheater.

So, if you have plans to attend a show this year, be sure to stop by their booth located on the wooden bridge near the Box Office and grab a face covering or disinfectant and say hi!

For information on upcoming concerts or to purchase tickets to a show, click here. To read The Wharf Amphitheater’s most up to date COVID policy, click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you ... here!