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The Wharf's SPECTRA Laser Light Experience

No longer just a sound and light show, The SPECTRA Laser Light Experience incorporates sophisticated, choreographed lighting effects with newly added state-of-the-art lasers and surround-sound music delivering a truly unique entertainment experience unlike anything else. Music is specifically selected to engage audiences of all ages. The Wharf is flooded with brand-new lights and lasers as Main Street is transformed into a magical stage where the palm trees are energized with life and become the stars of the show.

Nightly shows 8:30 and 9 pm
*Shows marked with an asterisk are the shows currently running. 



  • *Welcome aboard, matey! In this high-spirited light show titled, An Epic Pirate Adventure Presented by Pepsi, you meet Philippe “Stinky” Lafitte, brother of the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte. Sail along with the fumbling, bumbling Stinky and gang of scallywags as they head towards New Orleans to pillage, plunder and hide their haul of gold on the Gulf Coast. The booming voices from the crew accompanied by sounds onboard the ship will transport you straight to the high seas, amidst all the excitement. There is never a dull moment during the voyage! Adventure, misfortune and a chance meeting with a mermaid all culminate in a lively dance celebration at The Wharf. It is a full-sensory journey of heroic proportions, a real treasure to experience. The tailored musical score features some of today’s hottest artists and acts. Whether you are a kid or simply a “kid at heart”, this epic tale of redemption splashed with animated lighting and effects will have you dancin’ the jig all night. Maroon yourself on Main Street and get hooked by the merriest bash in Arrrrnge Beach.
  • A Tribute to The Amphitheater, premiered in March of 2015. This show celebrates the 10th Concert Season of The Amphitheater at The Wharf.
  • Night at the Movies, presented by AMC Theatres, premiered in the Summer of 2014. This hi-pace show takes audiences on a trip to Hollywood featuring the many different genres of the silver screen! Focusing on blockbuster hits and the popular soundtracks that made them famous, the show will send you down memory lane as you tap your feet to the beat of familiar songs everyone loves.
  • *Travel to the great blue sea, with Aqua. The energetic, water-themed show features real and mythological sea creatures. Sit back and sail the seas for a fun-loving cruise around the world. Take an enchanted voyage with infamous pirates, magical mermaids and more!
  • *Patriotism is displayed at its finest with our red, white and blue Patriotic show. Sing along to traditional American anthems and popular patriotic songs from your favorite contemporary musicians. Celebrate the great United States of America with SPECTRA!
  • Taking the world by storm, Baby Shark now has his own show. Come out and celebrate our favorite mascot!
  • For a limited time each year the Holiday Show will celebrate the joyous season with timeless tunes and classic sing-a-longs. This display is certain to bring you holiday cheer!

WARNING: The SPECTRA Laser Light Experience utilizes loud music and noises, lasers, and flashing lights that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other sensory disorders. A small percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain lights, patterns or images, even with no history of epilepsy or seizures. Viewer discretion is advised.

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