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The Power of Pink: The Wharf Promotes Hope with Breast Cancer Awareness in October

The Power of Pink: The Wharf Promotes Hope with Breast Cancer Awareness in October

Love can be expressed in action, speech, or touch. During the month of October, we are spreading love through color. Specifically: Pink!

From windows and doors to flowers, lights, ribbons, merchandise, and even strands of hair, The Wharf is decked out in blush pigment in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone is joining hands and hearts to celebrate the fiercely strong fighters out there and those special folks who adore them.

Local charities like Pink Heals and Living For A Dream will be a part of the campaign again this year. The easily spotted pink fire truck and police car will both be parked on-site. These vehicles are two physical symbols of undying hope.

Randy Witherington, a local Orange Beach police officer, member of C.O.P.S. (Caring Officers Providing Support), and founder of Living For A Dream, drives one of the vehicles. It was his late wife’s aspiration to build the car. Ashley Witherington passed away after a courageous three-year battle with lung cancer in 2011. Randy granted her wish, and then some.

The day before she left this earth, the Witheringtons purchased the automobile and began the overhaul. A short time prior, they took a much-deserved vacation to the Bahamas to celebrate life. While on the trip, the couple decided they wanted to grant adult terminal cancer patients the opportunity to go on a dream vacation of their own—to forget about the disease for a bit. Living For A Dream was born.

Since 1995, Randy has vehemently supported the cause. He began his involvement with the American Cancer Society that year by attending several Relay for Life events. He was also on the State of Alabama’s Leadership Council for the ACS. When his wife was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008, his passion grew into a lifelong mission to help others.

His goal is pure and simple, but admirable: He states, ardently, “If I can just change one person’s life…to help them through cancer or help prevent cancer…that would be a God-send.”

His wife Ashley would describe her cancer pain as something unbearable. This further fueled his desire to lift and encourage others.

“We take our pink cars to various events to help raise money for those afflicted by any form of cancer, male or female, parent or child,” Witherington said. “We help people pay for their hotels and the travel to and from cancer treatment centers, hoping to alleviate some of the burden from their family.”

Living for a Dream, along with Pink Heals, has aided hundreds of local and regional patients in their brave struggle. Witherington himself is quite the fearless hero.

If you wish to support these charities in their local efforts, you can visit any shop or restaurant at The Wharf this month and make a donation in any denomination.

For more information about Pink Heals, please visit here.

Also, don’t miss our Girls Night Out event held on October 19th! In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is offering mammograms and early detection education, plus we’ll have drink specials, giveaways, and much more. See y’all next week!

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