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The Top 10 Drinks at The Wharf

The Top 10 Drinks at The Wharf

Raise ‘em High!
The Top 10 Drinks at The Wharf

Why wait for 5 o’clock to enjoy a swig or swill of an adult bevy? After all, it’s summertime and there are ample reasons to kick back and relax with a cold one in hand. (Not that you ever need an excuse to play!)

The Wharf is the paramount destination for all of your drinking desires. We became one of the very first official Entertainment Districts in Alabama approximately 5 years ago, and it has been a win-win situation all around!

Having trouble deciding what libation to choose? We can help in that department. Our restaurants and bars are slinging an array of both classic and craft cocktails for every taste bud. Here is a peek at the top ordered drink at every spot.

Happy toasting!

Sailor’s Dream at The Blue Chair Bar

A slight spin on the traditional Mai Tai, this potent mixed drink is sweet to the eye as well as the mouth. It is a light and dark rum-based concoction that became popular in the 40’s and was aptly named after the Tahitian phrase Maita'i roa a'e, which translates to “good.” Oh, it’s good alright! With an added splash of peach liqueur for some oomph, this fruity masterpiece will surely quench those dry buds after a day on the saltwater.





Crazy Monkey at Driftwood Steakhouse

This drink is b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Packed with both coconut and banana flavored rum and lightened by fresh pineapple juice, you will be transported straight to the white sandy beaches with this one. The sugar rim adds the perfect candy-like touch to make you go loco!






Cooper’s Cup at Ginny Lane Bar and Grill

If you prefer a richer spirit, this is the jam! Oakey Cooper’s Craft Bourbon, a touch of ginger ale and fresh lime juice combined make for a flawless yet simple fusion. There are soft undertones of vanilla and spice, but nothing that overwhelms the smoothness. Mule fans will flock to this crisp tonic. Plus, you can’t beat a special serving mug, right?



Bonus Drink: Blood Orange & Elderflower Gin Cocktail at Ginny Lane Bar and Grill

Floral. Fragrant. Refreshing. This unique cocktail is centered around gin, but the elderflower liqueur and blood orange puree cut the warmth just right. There is a slight buzzy feel that the ginger ale enhances throughout the tasting. It’ll go down easily, so pace yourself!






Blue Water Lemonade at Blue Water BBQ Company

Baby back ribs and lemonade? Check! Nothing could be more fitting. Spike it and you are set. This sapphire-hued liquid goodness contains house-made, hand-squeezed lemonade, flavored vodka, rum, and a dash of the secret ingredient. It actually has a strikingly similar taste to a piña colada, but on the rocks and with a tarter afterthought. After you are busy licking your fingers from the sauce, guzzle this drink and wash it down properly.





Bonus Drink: JP’s Casper White Stout at Blue Water BBQ Company

Pouring on tap at the bar, this beautiful creamy ale is one of the only white stouts available on the island! It’s fizzy and foamy and completely white (like Casper the Friendly Ghost) as it fills up the glass. Then the magic happens! Instead of a dense, coffee colored shade, the bubbles let up to reveal a golden beer. It’s delightfully light with hints of milk chocolate and vanilla. You’ve got to try it, especially paired with the locally-sourced Blue Water Alabama beef sausage. Mmmmm good!



Coconut Mojito at Bayes Southern Bar & Grill

If you’ve ever been to Bayes, you know that the mojito is a must-try! A renaissance drink, the coco mo is a foolproof solo order, compliment to any meal, or even your liquid desert. They say you eat with your eyes first—Same with this drink. The stunning thin highball glass is brimming with layers of rum, crème de coconut, lime, and garnished with mint leaves. Do not be deceived by the ingredients (some left out for mystery), this frothy mixture is not heavy or cloyingly saccharine. It has the punch of a key lime pie, but the crispness of a conventional citrusy mojito.




Bonus Drink: Cookies and Cream Bushwacker at Bayes Southern Bar & Grill

Is there any need to elaborate on this one? It’s creamy and dreamy, chock full of cookies and cream ice cream, rum and coffee liquor. It’s even topped (no, blessed) with Oreos.






Honey Bubble at Villaggio Grille

A sought-after champagne mélange, and not just for brunch. A flute is doubled with Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka, based out of Mississippi, and a divine raspberry puree champagne. Honey-tinged bubbles slide up the sides of this vibrant pink cocktail, tempting you to refill as often as possible.






Bonus Drink: Villaggio Bellini at Villaggio Grille

Presented in a classic martini glass, the bellini is a striking jumble of prosecco, fresh seasonal berries, and Elizabeth Vodka, distilled in Opelika, Alabama. Trade in your usual dirty martini for this exquisite creature. You will not be disappointed by the pleasantly sharp pop!






Hot Pink Cadillac at The Intracoastal

Springsteen crooned of crushed velvet seats in a pink Cadillac, cruising with the windows down. Who would have thought you could bottle that feeling? Well, the geniuses behind the bar at The Intracoastal managed to tackle that feat with panache! This beverage is reminiscent of an adult cherry limeade. Stacked with Kinky liqueur for that killer blush tint, melon liqueur, splashes of lemonade, pineapple juice, and dotted with grenadine, this elixir will undoubtedly blow your hair back, no convertible required.





OBAttitude at Island Time Daiquiri Bar

When in Rome, grab a daiquiri. I mean, it’s in the name of the establishment! By far the most ordered frozen delight is the Orange Beach Attitude. In juxtaposition to the white cup, it is as fiery orange as the sun. It’s cold, cold, cold and favors the taste of those iconic dreamsicle
pops everyone loved as a child. The Island brew is blended with vodka, Everclear, and an orange-flavored creation. Be aware of brain freeze as you dive in!





Margarona at Sol y Mar

Put your big boy pants on for this massive beast! A boatload of top-shelf tequila, homemade margarita mix, fresh lime, and a rock salt rim will surely leave you swaying, in the best way. As if this heavy hitter needed another boost, a miniature Corona bottle serves as the drinkable adornment. Make sure to have a seat, nosh on some chips, salsa, and tacos because you’ll need the sustenance! Side note: The wonderfully accommodating bartenders at Sol y Mar are thrilled to construct it on the rocks, frozen, or even strawberry flavored!




If you aren’t seeking an alcohol-induced jolt, Southern Grind has you covered on the coffee kind. Or, if you need a pick-me-up after a boozy night on the town, they can aid you there as well. On draft, the Nitro Cold Brew is next to none! You can even buy a growler or pint glass and refill them routinely. No beans about it, you will feel alive again after a few short gulps!




For more info on our Entertainment District Rules, click here.

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