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What Cocktail Matches Your Mood?

June 20, 2019

Here at The Wharf, we have a plethora of drink options. And since it’s summer, it’s time to treat yourself to a nice cold refreshing beverage.
But perhaps you are in a certain kind of mood. You want that drink to match the way you feel. We know what that’s like. That’s why we’ve devised the perfect list of drinks to match a few moods you might be feeling—and we’ve included the best place to find them at The Wharf!

You go on vaycay, or maybe you’re a local. You have the same old drinks you know you like, but you’re suddenly in the mood to try something new. If this is the mood that you are in, the drink for you is a daquiri from Island Time Daiquiris. However, we don’t just mean any daiquiri—though they are all delicious. What we would recommend is to get the OBAttitude 190 flavor mixed with the Hurricane flavor, but to amp it up, add a raspberry floater to it. It should definitely feed your need for some adventure!

Popular to contrary belief, the original Bushwhacker was brought to the U.S. by the well-known lounge, Sandshaker. The Bushwhacker has been their signature drink for over 30 years, so they have had plenty of time to perfect the recipe that’ll cure your sweet tooth. This frozen drink is made up of mostly Kahlua (a coffee liqueur) and rum, and if you’re in a sweet kind of mood, this is the drink for you. It’s a must-try when you’re at The Wharf. They also offer strawberry and banana!

Okay, so you feel like having something timeless, but with a kick. You also want it to taste like summer. At Blue Water BBQ Co., they have their own specialty cocktail called Blue Water Lemonade. It’s timeless and packs the right amount of kick to put your summer feels in full swing! This cocktail is composed of vodka, lemonade, Blue Carousel (tastes of lemons and curacao fruit, sugar, and wine), and Grand Marnier (made from a blend of Cognac brandy with tastes of bitter orange and sugar). All your sour dreams come true!

When you think about being out on the open sea, what is the toughest thing you might think of? Pirates? Rum? Fighting a giant sea monster? Well, at The Wharf, we can offer you almost that. Although we don’t have a sea monster on site, you can still feel tough by having a Rum Flight OR Tequila Flight at YoHo Rum & Tacos! They have a restaurant as well as a boat bar that you can pull up to. The flights consist of either 3 glasses of different rums or 4 glasses of different tequilas. For rum, you can choose between Spanish Style, French Style, and English Style flights. For tequila, you can choose between a Don Julio Flight (3 flights) or a Casamigos Flight (4 flights). Let your toughness shine inside the restaurant or at the Boat Bar!


Fun & Flirty:
You know what they say… “Rosé All Day!” If you’re in the mood for something that is fun and will keep your flirty feeling going, try a delicious glass (or bottle) of rosé from Red or White Wine & Gourmet! They offer a Spanish rosé named RAW (Really Awesome Wine) that is made with organic grapes—it’s vegan too!

If “relaxed, informal, and cheerily brisk” describes your mood, then head to Ginny Lane Bar & Grill. Walk up to the bar and tell them, “I would like to order the Ginny Lane’s Strawberry Lemonade.” It’s a nice mix of Redmont Vodka, strawberry puree, lemonade, and Sierra Mist. This is 100% the drink for you if you want to sit by the water and feel breezy.

You’ve spent the day out on the beach, you’ve had the most relaxing day, you’ve got the best tan ever, you’re recently showered, and now you’re feeling real fresh. You decide to head out to dinner and one deciding factor for you is if they have a drink that will keep your fresh feeling going. Well, we have the drink for you. Head to Villaggio Grille and order the Villaggio Bellini Martini! This drink consists of some yummy Tito’s Vodka, Peach Schnapps Prosecco, and some fresh blueberries. Every sip is very delicious and for sure to leave you feeling fresh!


What Cocktail Matches Your Mood?

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