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Wheelchair Rental

Wheelchair Rental
Provided by Coastal Medical

All wheelchair rentals and deposits must be paid by CASH OR CHECK ONLY.

$25/day - This rate is for anyone renting a condo at The Wharf or anyone needing to use it for shopping at The Wharf. Not to be taken off the property.

$50/day - This rate is for anyone wanting to rent and take off the premises.

All rentals will need to be reserved in advance and will be based on availability. The daily rate can be paid by cash or check at drop off. A deposit is required. 

A deposit of $250.00 is required for all rentals and is refundable once the wheelchair is returned and inspected.  Please do not take the wheelchair on the beach or through the sand.  This will forfeit your deposit.

Pediatric and adult wheelchairs are available.

To make a reservation please call 251-980-0774.


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