It’s that time of year again! Students, parents, and educators, let’s get ready to sharpen those pencils and dust off those backpacks because the return to school is right around the corner! There are so many things you can do to make this the best academic year yet! Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran, if you follow a few key steps, you are sure to create a recipe for success. Let’s dive in!

A - Attendance: The beginning of the school year marks a fresh start, so give yourself the best chance to expand your horizons, gain knowledge, and develop new skills by consistently attending all your classes. Need a tempting incentive to keep the kiddos on track? Maybe try a ferris wheel ride at the end of the month or a dolphin cruise to reward perfect attendance for the semester.

B – Backpack Organization: By keeping your personal belongings tidy and organized, you can minimize stress and create a positive atmosphere for a better learning experience. A cute backpack makes staying organized easier, right? Check out Crew or High Cotton for trendy bags that are sure to be kid approved.

C – Communication: Effective communication between students, teachers, peers + parents is vital. A supportive social network leads to successful academic growth. So… ask all the questions! Need to communicate what belongs to who? A good monogram will do the trick! Check out High Cotton for all your monogramming needs. From personalized nap mats, lunch boxes, backpacks + play clothes, they have you covered.

And don’t forget to sneak in a few fun activities to close out the summer. We have you covered!

  • Ride the Ferris Wheel
  • Play a game at the Arcade
  • Go to the movies
  • Makos on Main - Join Orange Beach City Schools for a fun kick off to the school year!
    • When: Monday, Aug 7
    • Where: Main Street at The Wharf
    • Kids Zone opens at 5 pm
    • Parade at 6 pm

Final Note for the Parents

When the day has finally arrived, and you have dropped your little one off for their first day of class, don’t forget to take a moment to treat yourself! Consider grabbing a coffee or brunch to celebrate the day.

Good luck with the upcoming school year! Remember to stay positive, stay organized, and make the most of your back-to-school experience!