Traditionally, in most historical lore, pirates are known to be fearless. They will sail through turbulent waters in search of loot, scourge and sword fight at the drop of a hat, and steal a comely woman faster than you can say, “Shiver me timbers!”

We’ve all heard the daring (and often gruesome) tales of Blackbeard, Captain William Kidd, and Calico Jack. They epitomize the true meaning of rapscallion.

And then there’s Stinky.

Born Philippe Lafitte, this loveable but clumsy “black sheep” is the younger sibling of famous French pirate and privateer Jean Lafitte, a detail that is not widely discussed. He was affectionately bestowed the nickname “Stinky” as a result of many failed attempts aboard his brother’s ship, in which Jean conceded he simply stinks at being a pirate! Falling overboard, loading a cannon backwards, and pulling down the vessel’s mast does not earn you brownie points in the eyes and hearts of a surly deck crew.

Not cut from the same cloth as his fellow swashbuckling, grog-guzzling peers, Stinky, amidst the ruins of his many blunderous actions, still managed to find his calling—right here, many moons ago, at The Wharf!

It doesn’t hurt that during his final misadventure on the open seas, he was saved by a stunning, Southern-watered mermaid named Miss Billfish and was transported to Orange Beach on her glittery tail. Let’s just say it was love at first splash!

For eons, the account of Stinky Lafitte was securely hidden away and his brother’s legacy rose to the top, as cream tends to do. Until now! On select evenings, Stinky’s story takes center stage—on Main Street—for all to celebrate int the SPECTRA Laser Light Experience, “An Epic Pirate Adventure,” presented by Pepsi (Lafitte’s treasured beverage) expands on his awesomely awkward saga.

Drop anchor and join us to dance a jig in honor of this beloved klutzy character!