The Wharf Orange Beach Entertainment District Bars Nightlife Drinks

Where the fun starts

In 2012, The Wharf became one of the first establishments to be named an Entertainment District in the state of Alabama.

The Entertainment District allows patrons within The Wharf area to leave restaurants and bars with open containers of alcohol providing a more inviting atmosphere.

The Wharf Orange Beach Entertainment District Bars Drinks

With that, comes a few short rules. Check them out along with our exciting upcoming events, then come join us at The Wharf!

  • Customers are welcome to shop and play while sipping on their favorite beverage in a plastic cup! Don't have one? Request one from the bartender.
  • No off-premise alcohol or glass bottles are permitted in the District.
  • You must finish your beverage before entering another establishment to indulge in another drink.

For questions or more information on Entertainment District rules, contact The Wharf Management Office.